About Thai Cuisine

Food is one element at the heart of Thai culture, which has traditionally stressed the importance of balance and harmony between all of the flavors: sour, sweet, bitter, salty, and spicy.


These flavors combined create a complex and stunning flavor profile that is unique to Thai culture. Also crucial, however, are the textural elements and the presentation of the dish. Thai food is all about marrying complexity with harmony, and Sawasdee aims to continue that tradition.

“Thai food is all about marrying complexity with harmony”


We use the best ingredients available, including farm-fresh produce and meats raised right here on Long Island, as well as authentic ingredients straight from Thailand.


We incorporate traditional Thai  elements into our decor to provide an immersive cultural getaway for our patrons. The Sawasdee logo features a lotus blossom, a flower very common in Thailand and its deep symbolism has been integrated everywhere from the culture’s religion to its cuisine—it symbolizes Thailand’s Buddhist roots as well as the country’s appreciation of natural beauty. It’s our goal to create an experience of beauty and harmony through our cuisine, just as the lotus brings beauty to all of Thailand.


Our staff ambassadors will do everything in their power to make your experience a memorable one. Our dedication to service reflects the focus on guests’ experience found in Asian culture. You’ll want to come back again and again.